Myron Frans serves as the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations, the Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer for the University of Minnesota. His system-wide leadership role as Chief Operations Officer includes the offices of Information Technology, Investments and Banking, University Budget, University Finance, and University Services.

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Upper left corner of Morrill hall

SVPFO Leadership Team

upper middle section of Morrill hall


Michael Volna
Associate Vice President and Assistant CFO

University Finance
upper right section of Morrill hall

Information Technology

Bernard Gulachek
Vice President of Information Technology and CIO

Information Technology
lower left corner of Morrill hall

Investments and Banking

Stuart Mason
Associate Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Office of Investments and Banking
lower middle section of Morrill hall

University Budget

Julie Tonneson
Associate Vice President of University Finance

University Budget
lower right corner of morrill hall

University Services

Michael Berthelsen
Vice President of University Services

University Services