Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations

Brian D. Burnett

U of M launches new “Our Budget” web page and video


The University of Minnesota today announced the launch of a simplified “Our Budget” web page and video to help all Minnesotans understand the University’s budget.


“Like any large, complex institution, we know that our budget is not something that anyone is likely to pick up for some light reading,” said Matt Kramer, vice president for University Relations. “But we also know that understanding our budget, even at a high level, is the first step in assessing the impact the University has on each and every Minnesotan. We created this web page to help all of our fellow citizens understand where our money comes from and what we spend it on.”


Visit the new web page and play the short video.


The University’s budget is made up of both restricted and unrestricted dollars. Restricted dollars, which come from federal grants and other sources, can only be spent in ways consistent with the funder’s requirements. Unrestricted dollars, which come primarily from state support and tuition payments, are much more flexible and allow the University to use those dollars systemwide to support students and advance the institution’s public service and research.


The new web page will be regularly updated to answer questions from the Legislature and others. This will provide a regular, easy to use resource to understand a highly complex process. Full budget details will also remain available.